Snailwatcher | About

There is a Buddha statue in my garden. While the Buddha simply sits and watches, the garden grows and decays, the snails destroy lovingly tended plants. Accepting it all, the Buddha sits.

As a photographer, I sit and watch. I welcome those moments of stillness when the image I will create first speaks to me. 

I've been a photographer since childhood. I have loved maps just as long.

I work with old photos, restoring them, organizing collections, and making printed books of them. I have written a pamphlet, From Pile to Book, which offers guidelines for processing Your Pile of old photos and documents. I offer consultations for clients seeking further guidance with Their Piles.

As a map collector, I love the graphic design of old maps. I have built a small collection, dating from about 1600 to about 1800, of maps depicting Holderness, a portion of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

I do not participate in social media. I welcome emails through the Contact link on this site if you would like to discuss the photos, maps, or personal archiving issues.

May these images bring you a moment of stillness in your busy day.