Snailwatcher | Map Collection

Over the last twenty years or so I have built a robust collection of antique maps showing Holderness in Yorkshire in the 17th and 18th centuries. Mostly I find it interesting to compare the ways the maps are drawn. There is also something of family connection as my forebears passed through the area and the area carries the family name. This gallery only shows a subset of my collection.
1585 Waghenauer1607 Saxton Hole1610 Speed NE Ridings1610 Speed Yorkshire1636 Jansson1645 Blaeu1675 Ogilby Plate 421695 Morden1719 Gardner1720 E Bowen Brittania Depicta1724 Moll1750 E Bowen1750 E Bowen closeup1753 Kitchin1762 E Bowen1777 E Bowen1785 Kitchin1786 Tuke1789 Cary Stockdale